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Robben Ford - Aint got nothing but the blues - таба, видео

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Robben Ford - Aint got nothing but the blues - таба, видео

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Artist: Robben Ford 
Song: Aint Got Nothin But the Blues 
Record: Talk to your Daughter 

This song is a great song to figure out how all those crazy named jazz chords fit together 
so bear with me as this is the first posting that I have done.  I believe the song is in 
6/8 time. I will give you all the chords to the parts and you can figure out how they go 
together. Good luck with the Gmi11--C13 from hell. Thanks to Richy for helping figure 
this beast of a song out... If you want to learn a lot of cool voicings for chords here you
go.....This will at least get you started.... 

|- F7(#9,b13)-|--------| 

||-Bb6   Bb9-|-F7(b13)-|--Bb9--|--Ami11  Ab7(b5) G--|--Gmi11 (fast) C13-|--Gmi9--|--C#o7--|--Cmi7- Bb9/D--|--Eb  Eo7--| 


Walk Down Turnaround 
||--Bb9  Ab13--|--Gmi7  F#7(b13)--|--F13--|--F7(#9)--|| 

Walk Up Turnaround 
||-Bb9  Dmi7(b5)-|--Eb Eo7--|--F9sus--|--Eb13sus--|| 

||--D9--|--C/E--|--Fo7--|--F#mi7(b9)--|--Gb9--|--%--|--Gmi11---C13--|--Gmi11---C13--|--Cmi7  Bb9/D|--Eb  Eo7--| 


Modulated Last Verse 
||--C6  C9--|--G7(b13)--|--C9--|--Bmi11  Bb7(b5)--|--Ami11 ---D13--|--Dmi7  C9/E--|--F  F#o7--|--G9sus--|| 

||--Abmi11  Db13--|--Gbmi11  B13--|--Emi11  A13--|--Dmi11--|--G7(#9)--|--C9--| 

INTRO CHORD    F7(#9,b13)  x87899 

Bb6           8x878x 
Bb9           6x656x 
F7(b13)    11122x 
Bb9           x1011x 
Ami11       5x553x 
Ab7(b5)    4x453x-----target g note on 6 string after you play this chord 
Gmi11        x-10-x-10-10-8 
C13           8x8755 
Gmi9        x-10-8-10-10-x 
C#o7        9-10-11-9-11-x 
Bb9/D        x5x566 
Eb               x6888x 
Eo7            x7868x 
F9sus        x8888x 
Bb9              6x656x 
Ab13            4x456x 
Gmi7            3x333x 
F#7(b13)      2x233x 
F13               1x123x 
F7(#9)           x8789x 

Dmi7(b5)     x5656x 
Eb                x6888x 
Eo7              x7868x 
F9sus            x8888x 
Eb13sus        x66668 
D9                x54555 

C/E            x7558x 
F07            x8979x 
F#mi7(b5)    x-9-10-9-10-x 

Abmi11    x-11-x-11-11-9 
Db13        9x9866 
Gbmi11    x9x99x7 
B13        7x76x44 
Emi11    x7x773 
A13        5x5433 
Dmi11    x-5-x-5-5-3 
G7(#9)    x-10-9-10-11-x 

Добавлено: 16.09.2013
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