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Misc Television - Blackadder - таба

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Misc Television - Blackadder - таба

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from: Moony (
date: 4th November 2003
subject: Blackadder TAB

It seems to me that there are no other attempts to tab the Blackadder
which is a shame...This is my first attempt to tab anything and english
not my first language, so I apologise for any mistakes in both....
This TAB is all my own work, while I am sitting watching Blackadder on Uk
Gold.All this song is play on the top 'e' string (the thinnest one).
Standard tuning. The lyrics depend on what series you are
watching. I havent worked out any way to signify the length of each note,
so you just have to listen to the theme and go from there. Its
maybe not long enough, you might have to repeat some bits a few times
and fiddle about with it, but this is basically it.
If you have any comments or advice etc please email me and tell me. My
email address is




Добавлено: 09.10.2013
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