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Misc Unsigned Bands - Spose - Pop Song - таба

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Misc Unsigned Bands - Spose - Pop Song - таба

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Riff1 (Very start) then go into Riff2

Riff2 - Intro and played occasionally through whole song and end


Chords follow the riff here and follow the relative chords if you want to strum along

Chords- G, Cadd9 then G/B (Bm#5).
They all follow a similar shape, keep your fingers on the E & B third fret throughout
the whole song, it's pretty easy and follow the picking pattern when it plays in the song.

Update: The previous chords are accurate, but later in the song during the heavier and 
lighter strumming, Em7 and Dsus4 are used, it works acoustically. Listen to the song and 
play along, you'll pick it up.

I started out underground,
I was kinda like a seed
I had no manager, I book my shows,
made the posters and afterwards I sold Cd's
Then I made a song making fun of all the bragging,
and it brew up in like, not long
Then I got signed to a deal, threw me out to L.A.,
put me in the studio and told me...
(Chorus 1):
We want you to write a Pop Song (2x)
And make it sound like this
Make it sound like this (7x)
And do it for the kids!
(Verse 2):
'Cause the kids want hits
They don't give a s*** about the rhymes you spit
They just want a nice beat that they
all could rhyme to, with a chorus catchier
than swine flu times two!
I know you like free mode beats,
so you compose verses like they we're a
key note speech but...
We just want you to be 3oh3!,
mixed with Flo-Rida mixed with B.o.B.
So make another Airplanes
or a song like Billionaire,
either's fair game
Do it or go down in flames
Back to Maine you can beg mousse
for spare change
You can't sing with auto tune it
Make it sound like someone else's music
We brought writers who could make it sound tighter
We could pull it all night baby...

(Chorus 2):
We want you to write a Pop Song (2x)
We want you to write a Pop (2x)
And make it sound like this
Make it sound like this (7x)
And do it for the kids!
(Verse 3):
No, I wanna do it for hip hop,
you know fresh to death like a bird
in a zip lock
You're like SPOSE, you're not f******
Rick Ross
We want something more like Ke$ha, TiK Tok
I wrote a verse, and said listen to this s***
They put their hands to their foreheads as I kicked it
They're like, look, I don't think that you get it
Nobody cares about your verses,
it's not 96 kid
I told them, look man, I'd rather had my wrist lit,
than sound like every other f****** singer in the business
They're like, really SPOSE, would it be that cataclysmic
To make a couple songs for top 40 and rhytmic
With hooks big enough to catch Moby Dick with
With very few words and some melodies addictive
If you're not up to the task, grab your bags,
call a cab
It's too bad because...
(Chorus 3):
We want you to write a Pop Song (2x)
We want you to write a Pop (2x)
(And when you do)
And make it sound like this
Make it sound like this (15x)
We want you to write a Pop Song (2x)
We want you to write a Pop (2x)
And do it for the kids!
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