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Lord Huron - In The Wind - аккорды и текст, видео

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Lord Huron - In The Wind - аккорды и текст, видео

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In The Wind
Lord Huron
"In The Wind" - Lord Huron
Standard Tuning


   Em          G           C         D         C/G  

e|------|  e|------|  e|------|  e|------|  e|--0---|
b|--8---|  b|--12--|  b|--5---|  b|--7---|  b|--1---|
g|--9---|  g|--12--|  g|--5---|  g|--7---|  g|--0---|
d|--9---|  d|--12--|  d|--5---|  d|--7---|  d|--2---|
a|--7---|  a|--10--|  a|--3---|  a|--5---|  a|--3---|
E|------|  E|------|  E|------|  E|------|  E|--3---|

Finger Picking Pattern:

e--------------| t - thumb
b---------m----| i - index
g---------i----| m - middle

Em G C Em C Em D C x3

Em                        G    
You've been gone for a long long time
             C                        Em
You've been in the wind, you've been on my mind
            C                 Em              D   C 
You are the purest soul I've ever known in my life
Em                      G                        
Take your time, let the rivers guide you in
C                       Em
You know where you can find me again
        C                      Em                    D   C
I'll be waiting here 'till the stars fall out of the sky


G   (D)   C (C/G)  x4

Em                  G'
When you left I was far too young
        C                          Em 
To know you're worth more than the moon and the sun
        C                  Em                     D    C
You are still alive when I look to the sky in the night
Em                     G 
I would wait for a thousand years
        C                     Em
I would sit right here by the lake, my dear
         C                       Em
You just let me know that you're coming home
         D        C
And I'll wait for you

G          C            D            C/G
Years have gone but the pain is the same
       G         C           D             C/G
I have passed my days by the sound of your name
          G          C                  D             C/G
Well they say that you're gone and that I should move on
         G            C       D    C/G
I wonder: how do they know, baby? Oh
 G            C       D    C/G            
Death is a wall but it can't be the end
 G            C       D    C/G
You are my protector and my best friend
 G            C       D    C/G
Well they say that you're gone and that I should move on
 G            C       D    C/G
I wonder: how do they know, baby? Oh
 G            C       D    C/G
How do they know? Well, they don't.

G     D      C Until end

End Riff (Not Strings):

End String Riff


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