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Frank Zappa - We Made Our Reputation Doing It That Way ... - текст песни, видео

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Frank Zappa - We Made Our Reputation Doing It That Way ... - текст песни, видео

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Artist: Frank Zappa
Title: We Made Our Reputation Doing It That Way ... 


The story of the . . . the music of the Mothers is the story of, uh . . . a 
combination of what I knew about music from . . . from my studies plus the 
musical capabilites of the players in the group as I found them, you know, 
which had . . . . Somewhere along the line, I had to teach them a lot of what 
they didn't know about music. 

I started out playing rhythm & blues when I was about 14 or 15 years old in 
San Diego. And, uh . . . I was playing nothing but blues 'til I was 18 and, you 
know, I was really honking and I started out playing drums with a band and 
got tired of listening to other people's guitar solos. Took up a guitar and 
started playing lead right away. Then I spent, uh . . . the early part of my 
musical teen childhood doing the same thing that most of the, uh . . . uh, 
white blues bands are, uh, pulling down heavy bread for. But in those days it 
was, you know . . . it was the underground music, uh . . . the unpopular 
underground music because the kids, uh, then wanted to hear, uh . . . you 
know, sweeter, easier stuff. They didn't go for hard, screaming blues or 
Chicago, uh, you know, weirdness. Nobody knew who the Howlin' Wolf was, 
nobody . . . you know, Muddy Waters, what the fuck is that? And, uh, so I 
grew up on that stuff but simultaneously buying, uh, classical albums and, 
uh, going to the library to study music. I had albums of Stravinsky and 
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