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Alex G - After Ur Gone - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Alex G - After Ur Gone - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Авторы: Alex G

After Ur Gone
Alex G
I advise using all downstrokes for the chords whole song because I'm pretty sure 
that's what it sounds like is happening.

I advise that to play the Asus2, use the voicing where you take an Am and then remove 
your first finger from the C note on the second string first fret. It makes the 
transition easier with the C7M   and so forth. Moreover, feel free to give this a five 
star review, if you see it fit to receive that 
honour. If you have an adjustments or qualms, feel free to address them in the comment
section. Thank you and enjoy!

*NOTE,PLEASE READ BEFORE PLAYING* I am positive that he plays a C7M   with G in the bass
 Furthermore, he is not playing a standard G major chord. He's playing a G5,or a G power
 chord with no third. The best way to play this with the song is to play the G note on
 the third fret sixth string with your thumb and then use your third and fourth fingers
 on the second and first string of the third fret. You'll want to mute the fifth string 
 with your thumb, but this will happen naturally. Keep fourth and third strings open. 


G5 - C7M/G   - Asus2 - C7M/G   - Asus2 - C7M/G   

*play intro two times then go to verse* 

G5            C7M/G  
after you're gone 
how can we tell them 
you're gone 
how can we show them 
you're gone

Vocal Medlody(not the chords, just the notes):

Key of G

D E   D      B 
After you're gone
A   B   A  B    D(octave lower)
how can we tell them
A      B
you're gone
A   B   A  B    D(octave lower)
how can we show them 
A      G
you're gone
Добавлено: 09.11.2014
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