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Alex G - Sarah - аккорды и текст, видео

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Alex G - Sarah - аккорды и текст, видео

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Alex G
                             Sarah - Alex G

Tuning: Standard

I don't think the song is in standard tuning but here you go

G C Em Am C G C 2x

Em    Am               C
Sarah runs to feel the burning in her lungs
To feel her head 
       F               D
Do you know what Sarah meant?
              Am        C
Then she said you be my guest
   G               F                   Em
To keep the taste, they may erase your memories
    Am                C           G
But wait for you, you even on the rain

        C           Em        Am
I can't be what you need I am stuck
     C          G          C
In a tree, I am stuck in a tree
G         C               Em
Don't you know she's been here
    Am            C              G
All along, in the tree she belongs
In the tree

Em    Am            C
Every day I'll make promises that way
           G              F              D
To Sarah's heart so I can watch her fall apart
                   Am          C
'Cause I know when I break her down
     G                 F                Em
Must mean that all the happy plans that live around
Am                   C
This muddy town, she was, we like 
  G               F
A dog and when we mess around
  Em               Am
I let her know the truth like down
     C               G
That I unfold, we're staying down
      F                 Em
Every time I wake her I say again
The game I play
     C          G
That I make all mistakes

C Em Am C G C
G C Em Am C G C
Добавлено: 28.06.2015
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