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Charles Mingus - Eclipse - аккорды, текст, табы

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  • аккорды, текст
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Авторы музыки: Charles Mingus
Авторы текста: Charles Mingus
Charles Mingus
Eclipse by Mingus sung by Janet Thurlow from Mingus Moves. (There is another version of this piece outthere)
I always play the chords as descending arpeggios imae pattern and mix it up with bass nova style
P/ima plucking motions. This versions needs the bass line and melodic fills added to it. As with many Jazz 
arrangements, I have done my own version of the chord extensions for what sounds goods to me. Try your own. 


E6  C#-9                E6          C#-9
Eclipse, when the moon meets the sun, 
D#7b5 G#7
 A7M                            B13 
these bodies become as one. 


D#7b5      C#7
People go around,  
F#-9                    B7
Eyes look up and frown, 
G#7           B7           Ama7     G#9
For it's a sight they seldom see. 
D#dim7                            E7M  
Some look through smoked glasses 
D#dim7        C#-9
Hiding their eyes,
G#7    G#7#5     A7M  
Other think it's tragic, 
D#7b5       F#-9         B7b9
Sneering as dark meets light. 
B13        E7M             G#7
But the sun doesn't care
A7M          G#7/B 
And the moon has no fear
A7M/C#                                  B7#5   B7b9 
For destiny's making her choice. 


E6  C#-9                E6          C#-9
Eclipse, the moon has met the sun. 
D#7b5 G#7      A7M                            B7b9 
Eclipse,            two loves are joined as one     

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