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Страна: Великобритания
Даты: 2007 - ...

Дискография [+]

Альбомы и синглы:

  • The Irony of Your Perfection [25.06.2007, альбом]
  • Stand Up and Scream [15.09.2009, альбом]
  • Final Episode (Let's Change the Channel) [19.04.2010, сингл]
  • Right Now (Na Na Na) [30.09.2010, сингл]
  • Life Gone Wild [21.12.2010, макси-сингл]
  • Morte et Dabo [15.02.2011, сингл]
  • Reckless & Relentless [05.04.2011, альбом]
  • A Lesson Never Learned (Celldweller remix) [01.11.2011, сингл]
  • Another Bottle Down (Tomba remix) [29.11.2011, сингл]
  • Under the Influence: A Tribute to the Legends of Hard Rock [28.11.2012, макси-сингл]
  • Run Free [16.03.2013, сингл]
  • The Death of Me [16.04.2013, сингл]
  • From Death to Destiny [06.08.2013, альбом]
  • Break Down the Walls [25.11.2013, сингл]
  • Killing You [17.12.2013, сингл]
  • Closer [25.02.2014, сингл]
  • Moving On [29.07.2014, сингл]
  • Someone, Somewhere (Popkong remix) [09.02.2015, сингл]
  • I Won’t Give In [27.05.2015, сингл]
  • Undivided [25.09.2015, сингл]
  • The Black [05.02.2016, сингл]
  • Let It Sleep [04.03.2016, сингл]
  • Here I Am [18.03.2016, сингл]
  • The Black [25.03.2016, альбом]
  • Into the Fire [22.09.2017, сингл]
  • Into the Fire (acoustic version) [22.10.2017, сингл]
  • Where Did It Go? [25.10.2017, сингл]
  • Asking Alexandria [15.12.2017, альбом]
  • Someone, Somewhere (acoustic) [28.05.2018, сингл]
  • Alone in a Room [16.07.2018, сингл]
  • Kneel Before Me [09.08.2018, сингл]

Концертные альбомы:

  • Live From Brixton & Beyond [15.12.2014]


  • 2008 Demo [2008, прочее]
  • Stepped Up and Scratched [21.11.2011, ремикс]
Название Материалы
A Candlelit Dinner With Inamorta
A Candlit Dinner With Inamorta
A Lesson Never Learned
A Prophecy
A Single Moment Of Sincerity
A Single Moment Of Sincerity Part 1
Alone In A Room
And Life (Skid Row cover)
Another Bottle Down
Bite Your Lip And Fake It
Break Down The Walls
Bullets In A Music Box
Bullets In A Music Box - End Of Reason
Circled By The Wolves
Dear Insanity
Dont Pray For Me
Gramophone Elegance
Here I Am
Hey There Mr Brooks (feat. Shawn Milke Of Alesana)
I Used To Have A Best Friend
I Used To Have A Best Friend But Then He Gave Me An Std
I Was Once Possibly Maybe Perhaps A Cowboy King
I Was Once Possibly Maybe Perhaps A King
I Wont Give In
If You Cant Ride Two Horses At Once You Should Get Out Of The Circus
Into the fire
Just A Slave To Rock N Roll
Killing You
Let It Sleep
Lets Change The Channel
Morte Et Dabo
Moving On
My Last Words
Nobody Dont Dance No More
Not The American Average
Reckless & Relentless
Right Now (Na Na Na) (Akon cover)
Right Now Na Na
Right Now Na Na Na
Run Free
Send Me Home
Someone Somewhere
The Black
The Death Of Me
The Death Of Me Rock Mix
The Final Episode Lets Change The Channel
The Irony Of Your Perfection
The Lost Souls
The Match
The Road
To The Stage
Well Be Ok
When Everydays The Weekend
White Line Fever
Wings for the Sake of Falling
Writing Her Ballad


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