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Uriah Heep - I'M ALIVE - аккорды и текст, видео

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Uriah Heep - I'M ALIVE - аккорды и текст, видео

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Uriah Heep
Cm Ab Bb (x3)

Cm Bb Ab G

Cm                   F               Cm                    F
How strange when you know the feeling that something ain't right
Cm                   F               Eb                     G
You're fooled by the need of being, you're blind to the light
Cm                  F                  Cm                  F
Don't ask where the stranger leads you, he'll show you the way
Cm              F                  Eb                   G
Just go out and make your conquest, you've something to say

    Cm Ab Bb
I'm alive
                  Cm Ab Bb
I'm alive and I'm me
                    Cm Ab Bb
I've just got to be free
I'm alive to the world

Cm Bb Ab G

Cm                   F               Cm                    F
There's been so much bad time wasted, just look and you'll see
Cm                F            Eb               G
We've got so much going for us, it's not just a dream
Cm                   F               Cm                  F
Let's look and we'll find the answers, to questions I've made
Cm                  F             Eb                  G
We'll reach out for new beginnings, let love show the way


D               Bb
Let's leave our past behind
E            A
For love can make you mine
Bb         D                G
But now we know that we're alive

(Solo, underlying chords:)
Cm Bb Ab G (x2)

(Chorus x4)

Cm Ab Bb (x3)
G Cm
Добавлено: 13.10.2015
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