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Suicidal Tendencies - аккорды, тексты, табы, табулатуры, gtp

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Suicidal Tendencies - аккорды, тексты, табы, табулатуры, gtp

Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Страна: США
Даты: 1982 - ...

Дискография [+]

Альбомы и синглы:

  • Suicidal Tendencies [05.07.1983, альбом]
  • Join the Army [1987, альбом]
  • Possessed to Skate [1987, сингл]
  • How Will I Laugh Tomorrow [1988, сингл]
  • Institutionalised [1988, сингл]
  • Surf & Slam / Pledge Your Allegiance [1988, сингл]
  • Trip at the Brain [1988, сингл]
  • How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can't Even Smile Today [13.09.1988, альбом]
  • Controlled by Hatred / Feel Like Shit… Deja‐Vu [17.10.1989, макси-сингл]
  • Alone [1990, сингл]
  • Send Me Your Money [1990, сингл]
  • You Can't Bring Me Down [1990, сингл]
  • Lights… Camera… Revolution! [03.07.1990, альбом]
  • Lovely [1991, сингл]
  • Asleep At The Wheel [1992, сингл]
  • I'll Hate You Better [1992, сингл]
  • Monopoly on Sorrow [1992, сингл]
  • Nobody Hears [1992, сингл]
  • The Art of Rebellion [30.06.1992, альбом]
  • I Saw Your Mommy [1993, сингл]
  • I'll Hate You Better [1993, сингл]
  • Still Cyco After All These Years [26.05.1993, альбом]
  • I Wouldn't Mind [1994, сингл]
  • Love vs. Loneliness [1994, сингл]
  • Suicidal for Life [14.06.1994, альбом]
  • Six the Hard Way [17.11.1998, макси-сингл]
  • Freedumb [16.04.1999, альбом]
  • Free Your Soul... and Save My Mind [20.08.2000, альбом]
  • Suicidal Tendencies: Friends & Family 2 [12.06.2001, альбом]
  • No Mercy Fool!/The Suicidal Family [07.09.2010, альбом]
  • 13 [26.03.2013, альбом]
  • World Gone Mad [30.09.2016, альбом]

Концертные альбомы:

  • 1985-01-12: Pittsburgh, PA, USA [1985]
  • Fascist Pig [26.07.1987]
  • Join the Church of Suicidal [1993]
  • Buenos Aires Motherfucker [1994]
  • 1998-01-22: Élysée Montmartre, Paris, France [1998]
  • 2000-08-20: Bizarre Festival [2000]
  • Live At Dynamo Open Air 01 [2001]
  • 2009-07-19: Ventura Theater [2003]


  • Demo 2 [1982, прочее]
  • Demo '86 [1986, прочее]
  • Lights... Camera... Conversation [1990, сборник]
  • FNG [29.06.1992, сборник]
  • Busload of Freaks [1993, сборник]
  • Prime Cuts [03.06.1997, сборник]
  • Suicidal: Friends & Family (Epic Escape) [23.12.1997, сборник]
  • Lights… Camera… Revolution / The Art of Rebellion – The Back to Black Collection [2001, сборник]
  • Playlist: The Very Best of Suicidal Tendencies [06.01.2010, сборник]
  • Original Album Classics [01.08.2011, сборник]
Название Материалы
A Little Each Day
Accept My Sacrifice
Aint Gonna Take It
Asleep At The Wheel
Built To Survive
Cant Bring Me Down
Cant Stop
Choosing My Own Way Of Life
Controlled by Hatred
Cyco Speak
Cyco Vision
Depression And Anguish
Discos Out Murders In
Don't Give A Fuck!
Don't Give Me Your Nothing
Emotion No 13
Fascist Pig
Feeding The Addiction
Feel Like Shit...deja vu
Feelings Back
Fucked Up Just Right
Gaigan Go Home
Get Sick
Get Whacked
Give It Revolution
Go Skate
Go Skate! (Possessed To Skate '97)
Go'n Breakdown
Goin Breakdown
Gota Kill Captain Stupid
Gotta Kill Captain Stupid
Half Way Up My Head
Hearing Voices
Hippie Killer
Hippie Killers
How Will I Laugh Tomorrow
How Will I Laugh Tomorrow (Heavy Emotion
Human Guinea Pig
I Aint Like You
I Feel Pain, And I Survive
I Feel Your Pain And i Survive
I Saw Your Mommy
I Shot The Devil
I Wanna Get Sick
I Want More
I Wasn't Meant to Feel This/asleep at The Wheel
I Wouldn't Mind
I'll Buy Myself
If I Dont Wake Up
Ill Hate You Better
Its Going Down
Its Not Easy
Join The Army
Join The New Army
Just Another Love Song
Looking In Your Eyes
Lost Again
Love vs
Love Vs Loneliness
Master Of No Mercy
Memories Of Tomorrow
Monopoly on Sorrow
No Bullshit
No Fuck'n Problem
No Fucking Problem
No Name, no Words
Nobody Hears
One Too Many Times
Pledge Your Allegiance
Pop Songs
Possessed To Skate
Scream Out
Send Me Your Money
Su Casa Es Mi Casa
Suicidal Failure
Suicidal Maniac
Suicides An Alternative
Suicides The Alternative
Suicyco Mania
Suicyco Motherfucka
Suicyco Muthafucka
Surf And Slam

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