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Radical Face - Baptisms - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Radical Face - Baptisms - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Radical Face
Note: C* = x33010

Intro: C* C C/G C* C G

C*                    C
  Back when I used to wander, 
C*                 C           C/G
  I was always out looking for signs
C*                    C                               G
  But they were never there, so I'd pull 'em from the air
C*                   C
  We all believed in something
C*               C         C/G
  But like you I can't say why
C*                           C                        Gsus4 G
  It's just a whisper in our ear, or a bottle for our fears

Am           F          C        G
  Hold me to light, let me shine
                    Am        F        C       G
Come hold me to the floor and say it's alright
                        Am      Em             F    G
Come hold me 'neath the water's skin until I'm new again

C*                      C
  And I said what I was thinking: 
C*                         C              C/G
  Now you can't see what's good 'til it's gone
C*                             C                            G
  Then there's something to be said for a place to lay your head
C*                  C
  You told me I was simple
C*                             C           C/G
  And you injured me with that peace of my mind
C*                      C                              Gsus4 G
  And I listened to the creek and it did much more for me

Am                     F              C     G
  I'll hold you to the light, let you shine
                          Am        F         C      G
I'll hold you against the floor and say it's alright
                        Am      Em         F       G
'Cause down beneath the water's skin where we will swim
                            Am      Em
And there's diamonds on the surface then
                  F                          G
And, they'll come clean us, we'll both live again

C*                    C
  These days I barely wander,
C*                    C            C/G
  And I don't need no more of them signs
C*                              C                          G
  I'll just breathe in all that air and be happy that it's there
Добавлено: 12.08.2015
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