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Radical Face - The Scarecrows Are Marching - аккорды и текст, видео

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Radical Face - The Scarecrows Are Marching - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Scarecrows Are Marching
Radical Face
A great song from their unpublished album: Junkyard Chandelier.

Like with most Radical face songs the guitar is tuned down half a step. 
No Capo.

Intro:   | C | G F |

   C                                        G              F
My wisdom teeth still stab my cheek and I'm always sucking aspirin
    C                                    G                  F
The life I stole is full of holes and my pants don't fit me right
   C                               G                    F
My dreams are old and faded and my head feels thick and useless
      C                             G            F                   C         G  F
We're on the road to nowhere but we won't arrive tonight so let's go home

| C | G F |

    C                                   G                 F
The weather man's excited 'Cause Mother Nature is getting restless
    C                               G                F
The telephone keeps screaming  As I sit and count my scars
    C                                G               F
The window is always open Beause the glass is always broken
        C                                          G                     F
And the things we lost never looked so good As the day we knew they were gone

C                G        F
Build it up Then watch it crumble
C                    G     F
Save the talk You're going down
C                     G       F   
Take the fall There's nothing to it
C                   G        F
Sell the world  And coin the sound
C                G    N.C         C
'Cause I will be around When you awake

  | C | G F | C | G F | C | N.C |
  | C | G | Dm | F G | C | 

                   G                           Dm
The scarecrows are marching The fields are in flames
                   F          G           C
There's nothing to eat But I can't complain

               G                          Dm
The axes have fallen My strings have been cut
               F               G           C
My puppeteer's lonely But he's plum out of luck

                  G                       Dm
The roads are misshapen The signs are all boards
                F                G            C
I remember this room 'Cause I've been here before

                        G                      Dm
The floorboards are rotten The sink's full of rust
             F            G             C     N.C
And using my pinky I draw you in the dust

   C                                      G               F
The Winter has lost His touch And now His snow is made of plastic
   C                                     G          F
The kids are all in line  But they will never get a turn
    C                                  G             F
The city is made of cardboard And it's foggy with pollution
      C                              G                 F
Let's sit down on the moon So we can watch this planet burn

C            G           F       C            G         F               
Cover us and we'll start sinking Nothing ever lasts for long
C               G         F       C                   G        F
I'm not dead, I just quit living I'm not sure if it's right or wrong

    C         G     N.C         C
But I will be around When you awake
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