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Radical Face - Small Hands - аккорды и текст, видео

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Radical Face - Small Hands - аккорды и текст, видео

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Small Hands
Radical Face
Small Hands: Radical Face- The Bastards Volume 4

(Standard Tuning)

Capo 8, enjoy!

         G                   Em
Well the world might cut you down again
        C              G
But you know the way back home
And your best might not be good enough
         C              G
But Just know your not alone
And if you slip and loose your way again
     C                  G    D
I'll know that you will be alright
You still gotta try

       G                    Em
If you need come build your home in me
        C               G
And you know i won't complain
And i can't fix what was done to you
         C                  G
But I'll shield you from the rain
And if the walls they build become to high
     C             G        D
Then step up on my back and climb
'Cause I never mind
              G      D             C
No matter the day or time, I never mind

    Em                      C              G       
And all of the anchors they hid inside you chest
          D                C
We will unravel all of the chains
             D                      C
And toss the remanence all down the drain
    Em                      C                 G
And oh my hands are much to small to hold you up
          D                    C
I will be there to pick up the pieces 
              D                          C
And keep them housed while you bend them up

           G              Em
And if you wind up in the dark again 
     C                G
Just turn and call my name
And if the fire in your chest goes out
     C                G
I'll hold you all the same
And if you need to take this out on me
         C               G
Well you know i won't complain
Добавлено: 27.05.2016
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