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MxPx - Set The Record Straight - аккорды и текст, таба, бас-таба, видео

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MxPx - Set The Record Straight - аккорды и текст, таба, бас-таба, видео

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Set The Record Straight
* Song: Set the Record Straight                                *
*                                                              *
* Written by: Mike Herrera                                     *
* Performed by: MxPx                                           *
* CD: Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo - June 16, 1998      *
* Transcribed by: Darryl Voss (             *                                                            *
    A    C#   D    Dm   F#   B    G#   E    e



Verse 1:

A                    C#             D
 Did we ever have an understanding?

                  Dm            A C#           D   Dm
Did we ever have anything at all? Not that I recall

A                      C#               D
 You were never really there for us but then

                     Dm                    A
We were never really there for you, it's true

     C#             D   Dm
The rest is up to you

Verse 2 (distortion):

A               C#              D
 You say it's wrong, it's right

You say we won't, we might

        A       C#              D     Dm
We've thought about it twice tonight

A                         C#          D
 And if we don't seem too brokenhearted
It's because we're glad we've parted
A               C#              D    Dm
 I think we've had enough for two

F#5                  B5             E5
  Well I believe in second chances
                A5       G#5  F#5
I believe this world is gonna end
               B5           D5               E5*
But I would do anything to set the record straight
                A   F#-C#/D                 A    F#-C#/D
If you would believe,       if you would believe

Verse 3:

A                       C#                D
 Will someone think about the heartbreak?

                 Dm                     A
Will someone realize there's been a mistake?

     C#                 D    Dm
And give back what you take

A               C#              D
 No one cares enough to listen

No one cares enough to rationalize

A  C#               D     Dm
  Just believe the lies

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