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Crywank - Only Everyone Can Judge Me - таба, видео

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Crywank - Only Everyone Can Judge Me - таба, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
                   ONLY EVERYONE CAN JUDGE ME - Crywank
Tabbed by: skeleton-ghost


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1st part (Picky part):                                              
e|-----------|    |-----------|    |-----------|    |-----------|    
B|----8---8--|    |----3---3--|    |----1---1--|    |-----------|    
G|-----------|    |-----------|    |-----------|    |----4---4--|    
D|-----------|    |-----------|    |-----------|    |-----------|    
A|--7---7----|    |--2---2----|    |--0---0----|    |-----------|    
E|-----------| x4 |-----------| x4 |-----------| x4 |--3---3----| x4 

E|-----------------0--| x2 

2nd part (Strummy part):                                                                     
e|-----------------|    |---------|    |---------|    |------------|    |------------|    
G|-----------------|    |---------|    |---------|    |------------|    |------------|   
D|-----------------|    |--7-777--|    |--9-999--|    |-10-101010--|    |-11-111111--|
A|--777-7\10-1010--|    |--0-000--|    |--0-000--|    |--0--0-0-0--|    |--0--0-0-0--| 
E|--000-0-----0-0--| x4 |---------| x2 |---------| x2 |------------| x2 |------------| x2
    ddd u     d u          d udu          d udu          d  u d u          d  u d u   


Hive mind is scary I feel vulnerable and stupid 
Waiting for a new embarrassment to go and tear right through me 
A dependent fruitless animal, watch me brimming with shame. 

And this confidence I fake only makes matters worse. 
I am not a stallion, I am just perverse. 
Hopeless, and docile, and tamed. 

Another day I won't remember, another day I wished away. 
Tedious days punctuated by dismay, 
everyday feels the same. 

It's the routine, It's the regret. 
That makes me worse yet. 

Did I forget your name or make a joke and no-one laughed? 
Did I come across as stupid or did I cum too fast? 
This isn't a brave face, this is a mask. 

Now I remember it doesn't take much to make me feel small.
Добавлено: 04.12.2015
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