With You

Priscilla Ahn - With You - аккорды

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With You
Priscilla Ahn
[ Предположительная тональность: F#m ]

Intro Bm C#m G#m C#m F
1 Verse
  Bm          C#m          F
Meet me on the shore
I will give you more
 G#m      F               C#m
Of my heart, i swear i'll give you
   Gm          F         Bm
Every part of me
Interlude Bm F C#m C#m G#m Bm C#m C#m G#m F
 2 Verse
Tell me where you go
When you feel alone
I'll be there anytime anywhere
You need me.
Interlude Bm C#m F G#m
  Bm             Gm          C#m         C#m
Winds will howl and tides will rise
Bm             Gm            C#m                F
Some days i'll smile some days i'll cry
  C#m              G#m           Bm
But with you it'll be all right
Interlude Bm C#m F Gm
3 Verse
When you Go back,
Home or places still unknown,
Think of me
I will find you in a dream,
Sweet dream.
4 Verse
I will be your friend,
Till the very end,
Hold on tight i'll never lose you
In the darkest night.

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