I am not alone

Priscilla Ahn - I am not alone - аккорды

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I am not alone
Priscilla Ahn
[ Предположительная тональность: C ]

Intro B B
1 Verse
  B                             Fm           B                        F
Do you see me all alone in a world i can my own?
 Fm                   F         C                 B7
Even though i try to be so ordinary
I feel different so i hide, i wish i could be alright
Behind eyes that see the world
Always from the outside
            B                 F           Gm
But life is never what it seems
    B                Fm                     F
I find the message in my dreams
   B            F          Gm                       C                              B
It's like a faded memory whispeting secrets just for me
   Fm                 F
So i cry in the night
               B                                      B
For something i found in my heart
There's a star in the sky guidind me home in the dark
  Fm                     B                 B                            F
If you call out my name, i know i'll see you again
 Fm                    F      B        B
I'll remember i Fm not alone.
Interlude Bm B#m Bm Bm Fm C Fm Bm B#m Bm Bm Fm B
 2 Verse
When i stare into the sky and my feelings pass me by
I will sing a little tune
From when we danced under the moon
Even though i'm on my own, i will know i'm not alone
You have tauhht my heart to grow
Now my love will carry on

Priscilla Ahn - I am not alone - ноты

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