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Fifteen - Subdivision - текст песни

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Jonny won the war today

He found out that no one wins

Just a simple interchange

Between this and that

And it's really all the same

And races and places

Just create another subdivision

And one man's enemy

Is another mans Brother

Jonny won the war today

Narrowly avoided going insane

But it all seems quite plain

And it seems quite plain

It seems quite plain to me

That one mans enemy

Is just the same

As You And Me, You and Me

White man, black man, yellow man, red man

This side, That side, You're wrong, I'm right

Every division is artificial

Ain't no reason to right anyone

We're all the same mankind

We all possess the same life

And sometimes I wonder if selfishness

Will be our end

I have a dream today

That all the armies will walk away

And go home to celebrate

Love and life and laughter

I dream the end of win and lose

Because there's no Victory without


In a world so full of enemies

I dream the end of competition

And five billion people

Learnin' to lose their fear of one another

I dream of a world free of enemies

So we can live together in PEACE   

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