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Fifteen - Sweet Valentine - текст песни

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Sweet Valentine

  • текст

I saw a smile on her face reminds me of the sun filled days that we'd waste away

Dreamin' of a world of love in harmony

Well my dream's comin' true and I

wish you were here so you could see all the smilin' faces I'm smilin' at you

Look how far we've come since the spring roses fallin' to the ground it don't

mean a thing cuz true love flies free as a dove

I keep hopin' that the end will never come...

I'll keep on waitin' right here for you

did we get further away or a little bit

closer still wastin' away but my dream's

not over there are so many steps left to

trace to see the smile on her face...

Such a pretty smile pretty smile pretty smile

Why don't you come just a little bit

closer you just seem so far away I try so

hard to keep on movin' on but I'm

getting caught up thinking about the time

we shared just wastin' away it seemed like they'd never end...

Keep on movin' on keep on dreamin'

It'll come right back to you right back to you

I saw a smile on her face reminds me

of the sun filled days that we'd waste

away dreamin' of a world of love in harmony...

My dreams come true I wish you

were here so I could see the forty

shades of green gleamin' in your eyes

Now the summer is gone and it won't

be long before I'm right back in the

middle torn between what I'm missin'

now and a sweet memory of yesterday...

A sweet memory of a sweet little

child I'd do anything for you

My sweet valentine   

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