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Fifteen - 924 - текст песни

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Everyone is on the way out Everyone gets knocked down

Your time has come and gone

Everything fades away and moves on But I'll still be here

In a food pantry in Springfield, Massachusetts

In the Mellow House Garage in Albany, California

In the Cupertino library with Al and Gwen

At the Eco-Action center in Austin

In an abandoned sewage treatment plan in Las Vegas, NV

In the video store in Albuquerque with Scared of Chaka

In the blue chair in Tampa Florida

At the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma

In A field in Dayton Ohio

At  Mrs. Neilson's farm outside of El Centro

In the basement of ABC NO RIO

At the Neilhouse in Columbus Ohio

In Little Rock at the Das Youts a Go Go

At the Dick St. House in Greensburough

In Curtis' basement and The Loft in Sacramento

At Marties in Sweet Home Mankato

At the graveyard in Lexington Kentucky

At the baseball diamond in Peaceful Valley

At JJ's Rose Arcade in Rapid City

In the living room at 1640

In an abandoned warehouse in Miami

At Owns Pizza and New Method laundry

At Club Foot and the Farm in the city

At the Dupont circle in Washington DC

Where I can Work the door at 924

Gilman St. in Berkeley and the People's Park where the food is always free

I'll still be here

Cuz the only ones who know the truth are under 14

They play in a band in a garage in the middle of Missouri

They don't really know how to play but they got some songs and They got a lot to say

They sing about how racism sucks and the police are fucked

I'll still be here

Oh darlin' you, you got what I need

And you say he's just a friend, but he works for A and M

Oh darlin' you, you got what I need

And you say  he's just a friend, but he wants to buy your band   

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