Would You Be Happier

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Would You Be Happier
[ Предположительная тональность: G ]

Music and Lyrics: The Corrs - "Would You Be Happier"
Tabbed by Stephanie, brightman73@yahoo.com
(the notes in D7 are : D,F#,A,C#)

 D             .
Have you ever wondered where the story ends, and how it all
          D7     G
 began, I do...

D                                                                                                           G
Did you ever dream you were the movie star with popcorn in
                 D7   G
 your hand, I did
 Do you ever think you're someone else inside,
G                              D7-G
 when no one understands you are

And wanna disappear inside a dream
G                           C  A
but never wanna wake, wake uuuuuup

         Em9                     G         A
Then you stumble on tomorrow, and trip over today

     D              G             G/Em9

Would you be happier if you were someone together

                    D        G                       G/Em
Would the sun shine brighter if you played a bigger part

             D          G                   G/Em
Would you be wonderful if it wasn't for the weather

                      D      G            G/Em
You're gonna be just fine (gonna be just fine)

Are you not afraid to tell your story now, when everyone is done it's too
late (too late, too late)
Was everything you've ever said or done not the way you planned, mistaaaake
So you promised that tomorrow, be different than today
(to Chorus, then to Bridge)

                             E         G
I think you're gonna be just fine
You're gonna be just fine
                E          G
So don't worry baby
       A                        C
You're racing for tomorrow, not finished with today
Don't worry baby      Gonna be just fine     Don't worry honey
Gonna be just fine  Don't worry baby   Gonna be just fiiiiine

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