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Youth Lagoon - July - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Youth Lagoon - July - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Youth Lagoon
Youth Lagoon- July off of A Year in Hibernation

F          C              F
explosions pillaging the night
        Bb         C                 F           
from the fireworks on the fourth of july 
it's just my lady, our friends and i 
smoking cigars and yelling at cars as they drive by 
we scaled a ladder ascending to the roof 
while five years ago I weeped and no one knew 
holding my guitar, i strummed a tune 
i sang 'i love you, but i have to cut you loose' 

F   Bb   F    Dm   F   Bb   F   F

F    Bb     Dm    Bb

       F  Bb    Dm     Bb   F     Bb   Dm  Bb 
as the neighbor lights off small bombs we watch
 F   Bb   Dm Bb  F Bb       Dm Bb  
from the rooftop safely, so safely

F   Bb   Dm   Bb  (until the end)

if i had never let go, then only god knows where i would be now

i made a bridge between us then i slowly burned it

five years ago, in my backyard i sang love away

little did i know that real love had not quite yet found me

Thanks to Indie Chords for the tab!/youthlagoon
Добавлено: 02.05.2012
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