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Wings - Sally g - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Wings - Sally g - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Авторы музыки: Paul McCartney
Авторы текста: Paul McCartney
Sally g
From: (Tommy Allred)
Subject: CRD: Sally G (Paul McCartney & Wings) 

SALLY G - Paul McCartney & Wings

This dandy little countrified tune was the B-side of the "Junior's Farm"  
single way back in 1975.  The label of the record says "Recorded in  
England" but I believe it was recorded in Nashville with Chet Atkins on  
guitar and Floyd Cramer on piano.  I don't know who played the fiddle  
and the steel guitar.

(strum each once (s-l-o-w-l-y))
Am  Em  C

(now into the rhythm of the song)
G   C   G   C   G   C   G   C

G                                   A
Somewhere to the south of New York City

Am                             G
Lies the friendly state of Tennessee

G                                 A
Down in Nashville Town I met a pretty

Am                  C              G
Who made a pretty big fool out of me

                  C    G   C   G
And they call her Sally, Sally G

A7                               D7    G7
Why d'ya wanna do the things you do to me

          C   G   C    G
You're my Sally, Sally G

A                                      Am
You took the part that was the heart of me

C           G  C   G   C   G   C   G   C
Sally G

The night life took me down to Printer's Alley
Where Sally sang a song behind a bar
I cast my eyes upon her as she sang "A Tangled Mind"
I used to love her sweet guitar


Me and Sally took up

Things began to look up

G                        D
Me and her were goin' strong

Then she started lyin'

G                           Am
I could see our love was dyin'

I heard a voice say "move along,

C                G   C   G   C   G   C   G   C
"Move along"

Now I'm on my own again and I wonder
If she ever really understood
I never thought to ask her what the letter "G" stood for
But I know for sure it wasn't good


(strum once (same as intro))
Am  Em  C

      G   C   G   C   G   C   G
Sally G

Yeah, Sally G

Добавлено: 31.10.2013
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