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Sting - Spread A Little Happiness - аккорды и текст, видео

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Sting - Spread A Little Happiness - аккорды и текст, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Spread A Little Happiness
------------------------ -------------------------------------------------------
            SPREAD A LITTLE HAPPINESS  Vivian Ellis
---------------------------------------------------------------- 1929---------------
Tabbed by: Mike Lydiat

VERSE CHORD SHAPES                 CHORUS CHORD SHAPES             
   C C7 F Ab7 G7 Em Am Am/g D7 G   C Em Am C7 F Dm Em7 A7 G7 G F#dim 

C                                                C7 
I've got a creed for every need, so easy that it must succeed
F                    Ab7              C            G7 
I'll set it down for you to read,  so please, take heed.
C                                                         Em 
Keep out the gloom. Let in the sun.  That's my advice for everyone.
Am        Am/g    D7                G   D7 G7 
It's only once we pass this way, so day by day,

C               Em                 Am     C7        F         Dm             Em7     A7 
Even though the darkest clouds are in the sky, when things go wrong well you mustn't cry.
F               Am           C   G7 C    Am     Dm  G7 
Spread a little happiness as you go by.  Please try.
C                 Em           Am      C7         F        Dm            Em7     A7 
What's the use of worrying and feeling blue? When days are long, keep on smiling through
F               Am             C      G7   C     F   C   C7  
Spread a little happiness till dreams come true.         Surely you'll be 
Dm      C    G           F#dim G 
wise to make the best of every blues day 
             Dm      G      F      Am      Dm             G7 
Don't you realize it may be Monday or next Tuesday - your golden shoes day?
C             Em                  Am      C7   F          Dm               Em7   A7 
Never let the rain clouds spoil a perfect sky, here's the thought that you must apply.
F               Am           C   G7 C  F   C 
Spread a little happiness as you go by.

C                                                            C7 
The rule is old, so I've been told, but still it's worth its weight in gold. 
F                  Ab7               C    G7
It pays you back a thousand fold, so be enrolled
C                                             Em 
Upon the lists of optimists and disregard the pessimists.
Am           Am/g      D7                 G D7   G7 
This life is short, so try to smile, each little while.   CHORUS

C                                                        C7 
Keep smiling through each thing you do and happiness you must accrue.
F                          Ab7                C      G7 
It's something that's both tried and true for me and you.
C                                                     Em 
Let me advise, you must surprise, it's most unwise to compromise.
Am               Am/g     D7                  G D7 G7
When things look bad just close your eyes and improvise.    CHORUS

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