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Sixto Rodriguez - Crucify Your Mind - аккорды и текст, видео

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Sixto Rodriguez - Crucify Your Mind - аккорды и текст, видео

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Crucify Your Mind
Sixto Rodriguez
Sixto Rodriguez - Crucify Your Mind

I suggest a different chord progression than the existing tab.
There is definitive bassline drop from A to G# to G, which is reflected by using the 
chords A (002220), A7M   (002120), A7 (002020).
The transition E to A is quick (only the catch a couple of E bass notes).

Intro: A  A7M   A7 - E A  (2 times)

Was it a huntsman or a player
That made you pay the cost
That now assumes relaxed positions
    E                 A
And prostitutes your loss?
Were you tortured by your own thirst
In those pleasures that you seek
That made you Tom the curious
     E                     A
That makes you James the weak?

         E                      A
And you claim you got something going
 E                      A
Something you call unique
 D                             A
But I've seen your self-pity showing
 E                               A
And the tears rolled down your cheeks.

A  A7M   A7- E A

Soon you know I'll leave you
And I'll never look behind
'Cos I was born for the purpose
     E               A
That crucifies your mind.

So con, convince your mirror.
As you've always done before
Giving substance to shadows
       E              A
Giving substance ever more.

        E                           A
And you assume you got something to offer
 E                 A
Secrets shiny and new
D                       A
But how much of you is repetition
E               A
That you didn't whisper to him too.

A  A7M   A7- E A

Tabbed by Jorn Seubers
Добавлено: 29.11.2013
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