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Running Wild - Fall Of Dorkas - текст песни, видео

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Running Wild - Fall Of Dorkas - текст песни, видео

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[Music: Rolf Kasparek]

[Lyrics: Rolf Kasparek]

Creation of the guardian, the force of dark and light

Two souls to rule the elements to fight a constant fight

One soul to save the light, one soul to serve the dark

Rivals to eternity, the saviour and the shark

The gods will fight, the titans clash in time and galaxies

The serpent and its tamer a fight so endlessly

Falling, fate is calling, the liar, tamed in fire

The fall of Dorkas, the curse of selfish pride

Reign of darkness, condemned to fear the light

Heart of blackness caught in eternal hate

Armageddon fullfills the longawaited fate

Dorkas as the chancellor, a charlatan surpreme

A godforsaken liar, intrigue, sly and mean

He made his bid for power, dropping down his mask

The uncrowned king of failures, Walloron kicked his ass



[Leadbreak Rolf]

3.7 billion years, Armageddon's here

Madness shakes the underworld, they are lost in fear

The fire of catastrophy opens up the gate

Evil souls will drown in hell and Dorkas' soul will fade


Добавлено: 22.07.2012
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