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Ronald Jenkees - Guitar Sound - текст песни, видео

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Ronald Jenkees - Guitar Sound - текст песни, видео

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That's because I have to think if half a tank will help me make it past the brink.
Struggling to stay awake, resist the urge to take a break
By turning on the radio and diggin the guitar sound.
Yes, we've almost made it home, it isn't very far now. 
Here, take the wheel, and then you can let it go 

Smoking while the cigarette ash burns
Then you ask if I could drive a little bit faster.
There's a disaster on the east coast for the people, but we know.
There's bad advice from the satellites in the far space.
Would it even matter if I raced in a car chase?
Burn my arm - with a match, slaaap me across the face.

Give me anything that'll keep me awake.
Cause I'm dreaming of every sea with the beaches and the lakes
But now - the clouds - are overcast -- and I start to wonder
how long - will - the motor last?

Still wishin I could drive with top back,
For a contrast, that's the wrong map
Take a long nap, now were off track.
Then I let you sleep - with the windows down. 
Till I see that the air conditioning's going out. 

Put the song on that I love by Tracy Chapman
Ain't got a fast car but you know I'll make it happen.

- One day, I'll just be paid for rapping.
But my time is running out
And I'm always wondering how
You see me with my stupid glasses
Ask me why I'm driving with the music blasting


With my hands out the window, can you feel the morning dew?
No I can't be in the middle, stay awake I'm warning you. Our
conversation is a must-have, wish I got a bus pass.
Instead of trekking, for a second thought I was a dumbass

For thinking that I had endurance equal to the truckers.
And I led you to believe that I had more than I could muster.
I'm a bad person, know that I don't want to be alone.
Having déjà vu moments that occurred about a month ago.

Either that or my mind is processing in two areas
On my brain, starts to rain, you know I should've bought a train
Ticket, but the time it takes is horribl
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