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Radical Face - Bishops Song - аккорды и текст, видео

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Radical Face - Bishops Song - аккорды и текст, видео

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Bishops Song
Radical Face

Ben Cooper uploaded this on his old YouTube account, be sure to support him on his new one.
(New channel:

Be sure to put your capo on the 9th fret, he usually tunes his guitar down half a step or so, but this for 
standard tuning.



A|-----2-----x3----2----Let Ring---------|

For the whole song, you don't play the high e, just fingerpick the chords and act like it isn't there.

[Verse 1]

I got a little story that I'd like to tell
                     D                          G
about a boy named bishop, who lived atop this hill

people called him a slow boy, said he weren't all there
                     D                     E
but he never harmed none, no, he wouldn't dare

[Bridge 1]

                           C                          G
but when the neighbor's daughter said the child was his
                          D                              E
well, the people turned then and wanted blood for his sins
                 C                                   G  
bishop tried to tell them that none had shared his bed
                       D                       G
but the words escaped him; he found tears instead

[Verse 2]

well his father begged then for him to bend his knee
                      D                            G
that they might be lenient, in time would set him free
but the boy just stood there with a steady gaze
                               D                               E
and said they'd have to break him, 'cause bending weren't his way

[Bridge 2]

                       C                            G
so they came and took him, and dragged him off in chains
                       D                          E
and with the town as witness, he was forced to pay
                        C                               G
it weren't 'til he was gone that the girl cleared his name
                          D                     G 
and now his ghost still haunts us to this very day

(Accompanied by humming)

G    C     G    D     E    C     G    D    G


| x  Dead note
| h  Hammer-on
| p  Pull-off 

Добавлено: 19.08.2017
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