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MxPx - I Can Be Friends With You - аккорды и текст, бас-таба, видео

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MxPx - I Can Be Friends With You - аккорды и текст, бас-таба, видео

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I Can Be Friends With You
		   Artist: MxPx
Song: Friends With You
Originally done by Petra

Here is the tab for The MxPx song from Never Say Dinosaur.  One of their
best songs if you ask me.  If there are mistakes, e-mail me at  I know all the words aren't right, but I tried!!!

it is basically three chords:
     D          G             A


E  (let ring)

Opening Riff:
D G D A G A  x3   Then:  G A D

            D          A      D                A           G   A    D    G A D
I can be friends with you, there's a better friend than a man can know

           D           A              D        A           G  A   D    G A D
I can be friends with you, and I'll feel so special cause you I know

D                  G              A            D
I don't know the governor, even though I'm a resident

 D                           G                   A                  D
Don't want trouble when the day begins, it all begins with the president  
(don't know the words)

D                 G           A                     D
I know I can be with you, I don't have to wait in line

              D                 G                    A                 D
You're the ultimate creator of all the world and a personal friend of mine


 D              G              A             D
When I have a problem, I can always come to you 

     D                G         A                        D
Regardless of the situation, I know you'll know what to do

     D              G              A        D
You put your arms around me, you speak so tenderly

     D                      G                      A                D
Then I feel better cause I know you care and you took the time for me



 D  (let ring)
I know a special person, that can comfort a heart for you

But you treat me like I'm the only one with whom who you have to deal

You're closer than a brother, you're with me every day

I love you cause you're friends with me and I'm glad that I can say


That's it...hope it's right. 
Добавлено: 11.11.2013
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