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Misc Unsigned Bands - Ponyphonic - Moon Rises - аккорды и текст

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Misc Unsigned Bands - Ponyphonic - Moon Rises - аккорды и текст

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Ponyphonic - Moon Rises
Misc Unsigned Bands
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Em C Bm Am7 Am B

Em                     B
Now the hour has come at last
D                  A
The soft and fading light
Em                   B
Has crossed the west horizon
 D                    A
And has bidden us goodnight
C                    D
And what a lovely night it is

   B                   Em
To walk a moonlit field

     C                  D
To see the softer shades

That are by starlight now revealed
Em                    B
So why is it that now,

 D                            A
When all is quiet and at rest

Em                                 B
When candles glow and all the world

    D               A
Is at its very best

      C             D
The ponies of Equestria

   B                          Em
Should lock themselves away

     C                      D
To shun the moon and wait instead
For Sister's sunny day?
In umbra Luna est (the moon is in shadow)
Em                    D
Am I so wrong to wish that they

    G                       C
Would see things like I do?

D                   G       
And am I so wrong to think

    C                           F
That they might love me too?

       Em                     D
Why shouldn't they adore me?

       G               C
Is it not within my right?

     D                G
I'll not be overshadowed!

           C                F
Mine is not the lesser light!

      D                   G
I've waited long enough now

          E                    Am
For them all to come around

                     B                         Em
And though the Sun may plead and threaten,

F#                                F#/A#
The Moon will stand her ground
     Bm                    G
And all will know the wonder

        Em                F#
Of my dark and jeweled sky

          G                Em
When all the world is wrapped

      F#         F#/A#
In an eternal lullaby

    Bm                    G
So say goodnight at this,
             Em                 F#
The final setting of the sun

          G              Em
Tomorrow dawns in darkness

      F#   G   F#      Bm
The nighttime has begun!

Bm G Bm G Bm
Добавлено: 02.10.2015
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