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Joe Satriani - Rasberry Jam Delta-v - таба, видео

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Joe Satriani - Rasberry Jam Delta-v - таба, видео

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This Tab was created by Peter Rochford
This is 'all My own work'

This is the starting bit thingy! for
Joe Satriani's Rasberry Jam Delta-V from Crystal Planet
You play this only with your left hand by hammering on and pulling off.
Once you listen to this song a few times and get the rythum of it,
you should be able to figure it out because i've only been playing for
about a year.
And Joe if your reading this for some reason or another,
you are a real inspiration to me and your the best ..Thanks! :)

H: Stands for hammer on And P: is (Of course) pull off!
This bit of the song is played by every note that you hit you hammer onto
note then pulling off the same note to sound an open note.
(You should never be touching any two notes at the same time.) I think!
Play This three times over

           hp hp                     hp hp
     hp hp      hp  hp hp hp hp hp hp    hp hp hp hp hp

Then at the last time you play it (the fourth time) instead of playing:
     hp hp
hp hp    hp hp hp hp hp
You play:
                          then slide down to E7
And thats it, easy eh!
Till next time .. C-YA
Добавлено: 21.09.2013
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