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Greg Laswell - London By Night - аккорды и текст, видео

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Greg Laswell - London By Night - аккорды и текст, видео

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London By Night
Greg Laswell
London By Night
Written by Carrol Coates
Performed by Greg Laswell (and more notably Frank Sinatra)

This is my first tab, really love this song and there weren't chords for it online 
so I figured them out as best as I could. The picking and strumming pattern that 
Laswell does on this song is excellent so be sure to listen to it first. Please 
tell if there's something you think could be changed to sound more like Laswell's 
cover of the song.

G         C          G           D7
London by night is a wonderful sight
          G     Bm           Dm
There is magic abroad in the air
C          D              G                Em
I'm often told that the streets turn into gold
          C              D             G
When the moon shines on Circus and Square

G            C          G           D7
Deep in the dark that envelops the park
         G          Bm     Dm      Em
There's romance in each cigarette glow
C           D                    G            Em
Down by the Thames, lights that sparkle like gems
         C          D              G
Seem to wink at each girl and her beau

G            C              G        D7
Up comes the moon when the city's asleep
G        Bm              Dm
He's not alone, for it seems
C           D                G         Em
Somewhere up there stands an angel to keep
     C                D          G
Her watch while each Londoner dreams

G           C          G            D7
My love and I saw the sun leave the sky
         G            Bm    Dm     Em
Then we kissed in the fast-fading light
C           D             G         Em
Most people say they love London by day
Am               D         Em
But lovers love London by night
C            D              G
But lovers love London by night
Добавлено: 31.08.2013
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