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Doc Watson - Greenville Trestle High - аккорды и текст, видео

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Doc Watson - Greenville Trestle High - аккорды и текст, видео

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Greenville Trestle High
Doc Watson
Greenville Trestle High
   D              D7         G              D
I remember as a boy how in wonderment and joy, 
   D                              A
I'd watch the trains as they roll by
         D                 D7               G              D
And the whistle's lonesome sound you could hear for miles around,
        D                   A                  D
As they rolled across that Greenville Trestle high.

         G                              D        D                       A
But the whistles don't sound like they used to. Lately not many trains go by.
 D                                 G                  D
Hard times across the land mean no work for a railroad man.
        D                    A               D
And the Greenville Trestle now don't seem so high.

    D                  D7          G              D
On the riverbank I'd stand with a canepole in my hand
       D                                      A
 and watch the freight trains up against the sky.
         D                      D7          G                D      
With the  black smoke trailin' back as they moved along the tracks,
       D                A                 D
 that runs across that Greenville Trestle high


      D                     D7          G             D
When the lonesome whistles whine I get rambling on my mind
   D                                 A         
 and I wish they still sounded that way.
    D                  D7               G                D                   
As I turn and head for home, Lord she'd rumble, low , and moan
D                  A                D
 toward the sunset at the break of day.

Добавлено: 06.10.2013
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