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Doc Watson - Honey Babe Blues - аккорды и текст, видео

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Doc Watson - Honey Babe Blues - аккорды и текст, видео

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Honey Babe Blues
Doc Watson
Song: Honey Babe Blues
Artist: Doc Watson
Transcribed by: Steve Sladkowski (
From The Album: Pickin' The Blues (1985)
As you are probably aware, Doc Watson is a mostly fingerstyle guitarist
that specializes in that down-home style country blues. This base of this
song is rather easy, but the fills laid down by Doc and his late son
Merle are a bit tough. However, if you fiddle around, you should be able
to lift them from the track. The rest is easy, and sounds great alone on
an acoustic guitar with fingerpicks on the thumb and middle finger. This
is my first tab for , and I figured it out by ear one night while I
was messing around while listening to some Doc, it's a neat song and I
hope you enjoy it.
Capo II
Chords Used (relative to capo):
D7 (xx0212)
E7 (O20130)
A  (x02225)
G  (320033)
The whole song is basically like this, and there's a solo break somewhere
near the middle.
Intro: D7, E7, A, A, G, E7, A, G, E7, A, D7, E7, A
       D7           E7             A
Well I ain't got no honey baby now
A                G             E7
Guess she didn't love me anyhow
A  G            E7           A
Oh me, and it's oh Lord-y my,
      D7           E7             A 
And I ain't got no honey baby now
That's basically the whole song, just with different lyrics, and it's
played a few times over solos and fills.

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