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Dead Can Dance - Dont Fade Away - аккорды и текст, видео

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Dead Can Dance - Dont Fade Away - аккорды и текст, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Авторы музыки: Brendan Perry

Dont Fade Away
Dead Can Dance
Dead Can Dance
Don't' Fade Away
One of my favorites. I am pretty sure this is about 100 percent correct. I have worked
out the actual tabs but since it is too difficult to play tabs and sing, I have laid out
the chords here. Please note the chord tabs as I may have the chord names wrong.


	C  Em	Cadd9  Am  Amsus  G   Bm  Bm7   E  A  Asus4     D7M  

	D  C(bar3)  B  D(bar5)  A(bar5) G(bar3) F(bar1)

C   Em   Am   Amsus4   Am   Amsus4   Am
             C      Em    C add 9   Em
Don't fade away..
        Am   Amsus4   Am   Amsus4   Am
My brown-eyed girl
              C      Em    C add 9   Em
Come Walk with me..
                        Am   Amsus4   Am   Amsus4   Am
I'll fill your heart with joy
                    G			Bm      Em
And we'll dance through our isolation
G			Bm		Em
Seeking solace in the wisdom we bestow
G			Bm		Em
Turning thoughts to the here and ever after
G			Bm	     Em
Consuming fears in our fiery halos

             C         Em    C add 9   Em
Say what you mean..
              Am   Amsus4   Am   Amsus4   Am
Mean what you  say
C         Em    C add 9   Em
I've heard that innocence
                   Am   Amsus4   Am   Amsus4   Am
Has led us all astray
      G	         Bm                Em
But don't let them make you and break you
G			Bm		Em
The world is filled with their broken empty dreams
G	        Bm	  Em
Silence is their only virtue
G		Bm		    Em
Locked away inside their silent screams

But for now...

		A	Asus4      D7M     D
Let us dance away this starry night
A			      Asus4   D7M     D
Filled with the glow of the fiery stars
		Em	Emsus4       Bm    Bm7
And with the dawn our sun will rise
Em	                        Emsus4   Bm    Bm7
Bringing a symphony of birthright

(A     Asus4    D7M      D) x2
(Em  Emsus4  Bm   Bm7) x2        E
	               Em   Bm
Don't bring me down, no
Em	   Bm		   E
Let me stay here for awhile
    Em   Bm
You know life's too short
Em	   Bm		   E
Let me bathe here in the sun
Em   Bm        Em   Bm	    A
I'm transcending...leah, fall from the garden

Humming all along
(C (bar3)  B(bar2)  D(bar5) ) x3

C(bar3)   B (bar2)   A (bar5)  G(bar3)  F (bar1) E
Добавлено: 04.03.2012
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