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David Gilmour - The Girl In The Yellow Dress - аккорды и текст, видео

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David Gilmour - The Girl In The Yellow Dress - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Girl In The Yellow Dress
David Gilmour
David Gilmour
"The Girl in the Yellow Dress"
From the album "Rattle that Lock" (2015)

I'm not sure if some of these chords are correctly named so I have provided the shapes below.
Please tell me if you know the proper names for these chords.

  Am   G#m7 Dm   F   E7

  Am   Adim Am/D Am/C#  Dm   Dm/C# Dm7  Dm6

Am  G#m7  Am7
She mesmerizes with a smile
Dark eyes as compelling as the bourbon
Am  G#m7  Am7                  F
That girl in the canary yellow dress
Says yes

Am  G#m7  Am7
She flips a pack of cigarettes
He doesn't smoke, but he takes one nonetheless
Am  G#m7  Am7                F                  E7
It helps to keep his motives true, the girl was blue
     F                                E7
What else is the poor boy supposed to do

Am  Adim    Am/D   Am/C#             
She bounces like a flame, 
Am         A
clothes on her
Dm   Dm/C#  Dm7    Dm6
Eyes closed Yellow dress
F#       F
Runs and swirls

Am   G#m7      Am7
It's late, the hour's growing horns
The band seems to draw her ever closer
Am   G#m7      Am7               F                 E7
This girl gets right down in the groove, grooves a move
F                                    E7
Leads him out to where they play the blues

Am  Adim   Am/D   Am/C#
She dances like a flame
Has no cares, yellow-dressed flame
Dm   Dm/C#   Dm7  Dm6
Eyes closed, arms above
    F#                F
She shakes pearls and snakes

Bbm  Am7         Bbm7
Too late in this folie a troix
He sees that the heart is pounding for
Bbm Am7       Bbm7              F#                 F7
Big daddy who falls down to his knees, begging her please
F#                                    F7
Lifts his sax, says "here's my little tease"

Bbm Bdim    Bm/Eb    Bm/D
Her dancing sets the place on fire
Bbm        Bb
Heaven and hell
Ebm Ebm/D       Ebm7   Ebm6
The flames come up his spine
       G                  F#
As she shakes, whirls and snakes 
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