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Car Seat Headrest - Goodbye Love - аккорды и текст, видео

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Car Seat Headrest - Goodbye Love - аккорды и текст, видео

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Goodbye Love
Car Seat Headrest
Fairly complicated song.. Tuned down half a step. 

Not entirely accurate, especially the ending, so please let
me know of any errors and I will fix them:

(all chords barred)

(intro ascending C chord)

C            G       F         Am
Sweet Maria, one leg out the window
Dm         G         G#       C 
Waiting to escape by light of moon
              G             F           E 
Can I spend a little longer with the other?
Dm          G       G#     C
    Does it have to run so soon? 

(ascending intro once more, knock on guitar 4x)

C               G       F            Am
Little Claudia, I can't speak your language 
Dm             G       G#       C
   And I don't mean to be unkind 
                 G       F          E
But when you put my hand upon your belly
Dm                  G           G#      C
    I don't want to know what's on your mind 

C                     G       F      Am
And you, my dear, the fairest of the blossoms
Dm            G    G#       C
   Though you only bloom at night 
                     G          F          E
You're at my side in sports and shorts in daytime
Dm                     G        G#       C
    Dear Alex, let our love lie in the light 
Gm                Dm
My mother used to say
          Fm                C 
You gotta find somewhere to stay
        G                  Bb       B   C
And the more you love, the more you say goodbye
F                        G 
Well I can't say she was wrong
G#              G      F 
And my love for you is strong
        E                F           C
But I'm afraid I must be on, goodbye love
G             G#             A#            
Goodbye love, goodbye love, goodbye love
         (ascending C)   C
goodbye                 love!
Добавлено: 21.11.2015
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