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Wicked - What Is This Feeling (feat. Kristin Chenoweth) - аккорды и текст, видео

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Wicked - What Is This Feeling (feat. Kristin Chenoweth) - аккорды и текст, видео

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Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга
Авторы музыки: Stephen Schwartz
Авторы текста: Stephen Schwartz
What Is This Feeling
Song:      What is this feeling?
Artist:    Wicked
Album:     Original Broadway Cast Recording
Chords by: Mati Tallica
Capo:      none


-Dearest, darlingest momsie and popsicle...
-My dear father...
C#             C    B              A#      A     G#
There's been some confusion over rooming here at Shiz.
         C                   C#
-But of course I'll care for Nessa.
         C                  A#
-But of course, I'll rise above it.
       D#                    G#            C#   G#
For I know that's how you'd want me to respond, yes. 
C#           C       B               A#            A
There's been some confusion for you see my roomate is...
-Unusually and exceedingly peculiar and altogether quite impossible to describe...

G#  A#  C         C  C


 -What is this feeling, so sudden, and new?
 -I felt the moment I laid eyes on you.
D                      G
 -My pulse is rushing.  -My head is reeling
E                         A
 -My face is flushing.  What is this feeling? 
D       C    A#    D#       C#     C     C 
Fervid as a flame, does it have a name? Yes...

         F                        G# A#
Loathing! Unadulterated loathing!
                                            A# C
-For your face -your voice -your clothing!
               E E F F
Let's just say...    
               E E F F
I loath it all 
               A#        C    F
Every little trait how ever small 
                F#   G#       C#  C
makes my very flesh begin to crawl with simple utter.. 

   F                             A#                          C
loathing! There's a strange exhilaration. In such total detestation. 
                   A     G    F
It's so pure, so strong!  
               A#              A#
Though I do admit, it came on fast, 
             C           A     A#
still I do believe that it can last. 
               G                         A#   C     C#
And I will be loathing, loathing you my whole life long.

                                    G# A#  C#
Dear Galinda, you are just too good! 
How do you stand it, I don't think I could.
         G#             G#                   
She's a terror, she's a tartar, 
          C#                        A               A
we don't mean to show a bias but Galinda, you're a martyr!
Well, these things are sent to try us...
G#                                    G#
Poor Galinda, forced to reside with someone so disgusticified,
           G#              G#               G#
 We just want to tell you, we're all on your side!


  What is this feeling, so sudden and new?
  I felt the moment I laid eyes on you.
C                                        E E F F     F       
  My pulse is rushing, my head is reeling.       Oh, what is this feeling?!
A#  C  F                 F#  G#   C#    C
         Does it have name?       Yes, ahhhhh... 


   G                             C                          D
Loathing! There's a strange exhilaration, in such total detestation, 
                    B     A    G
it's so pure, so strong!
               C              C               
Though I do admit, it came on fast, 
               D         B     C
still I do believe that it can last!
And I will be loathing for forever, 
B                      C               D
loathing, truly deeply loathing you...
my whole life long!!!!



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