Shot at love

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Shot at love
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[ Предположительная тональность: C ]

G           F       C              Gm
As she entered the room I received such a thrill,
         F          G         Cm              C
I could tell right away, that her looks could kill.
          G            F              C         Gm
Watching her my pulse quickened, that I can't deny.
      G          F           F                       C
I've fallen for her and for her I will love 'till I die.

            G       F
I just took a shot at love,
       Gm                       C
Now I know broken hearts are cliche.
               G       F
One very good shot at love,
    Gm      C              G
My true love just blew me away.

         G          F            C           Gm
Now I'm tellin' my story with my guts on the floor.
     F          G                  Cm             C
I'd follow her anywhere if I could just reach the door.
    G               F              C            Gm
My tongue has gone missing and I'm too weak to stand.
          G          F          F                      C
She's an angel from heaven, an angel with a gun in her hand.

               G       F
I just took a shot at love,
   Gm                      C
A pump-action blast to my heart.
                G       F
Just one fatal shot at love,
      Gm               C                   G
This wonderful feeling, so right from the start.

          G        F           C          Gm
Now I'll never forget all the fun that we had,
     F              G           Cm             C
The laughs that we shared. The good times, the bad.
       G          F             C           Gm
Every minute without her, just cuts like a knife.
   G          F      C                    G
I promise to love her for the rest of my life.

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