Shut Up N Die (Reprise)

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Yo yo yo i feel right here
Slowly i'm breaking down
Feeling weak
I'm thinking about the
Higher ground i wish
To seek for the safeness
For the realness
Aw break it down
Simple for my people to hear this
For my people
Silent in the dark
I think i'm nutty
With your swords of emotions
Slashing and leave me bloody
Now i'm trippin
My problems turn to battles
I'm up shit creek
And guess what with out a paddle
6 years of age
Is when i first got my rage
My father broke out
And then i turned a new page of my life
The change but then i was crazy
And thanks to my mom
Cuz she has stuck by
To raise me
I was fighting all the time
But with god help
Realsing all my tension
Through my knockin my hand
I'm coming out
I'm a freaked out cat
Coming out stony
And wet
Gonna be picking it up
For the boys who got slack in a band
Proach four fingers
Of a hand   
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