Tight Rope (hidden Song)

Papa Roach - Tight Rope (hidden Song) - Текст песни

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My words are weapons
In which I murder you with
Please be dont be scared
Please do not turn you head

We are the future
The 21st century
Dyslexic, glue sniffing cyber sluts
With homicidal minds and hand guns

We are insane
Nothing will change
We are insane
Nothing will change

There is often light
Between what is good and what is evil
And I will tip-toe down that line
But I will feel unstable
My life is a circus
And I am tripping down that tight rope
Well there is nothing to save me now
So I will not look down

And again, and again, and again
And it happens again
And again, and again

There's no beginning
There is no end
There is only change
Progression backwards
Is this where we are heading?
Take back you soul   
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