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Irving Berlin - How Can I Forget (When There's so Much to Remember) - текст песни

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How Can I Forget (When There's so Much to Remember)

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[1st verse:]
When the morn bids me rise
And I open my eyes
I begin with a sweet thought of you
Then the rest of the day
While at work or at play
I'm thinking, just thinking of you

How can I forget
When there's so much to remember?

Your smiling face, your fond embrace
Your voice so sweet and tender

After all these years
I'm afraid I love you yet

When there's so much to remember
How can I forget? How can I forget?

[2nd verse:]
Through the heart-breaking years
I have smiled through my tears
To have met you is well worth the pain
Though we've drifted apart
You'll remain in my heart
As long as my heart will remain

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