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Irving Berlin - Come Along to Toy Town - текст песни

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Come Along to Toy Town

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We have heard the wise men say
Each working day
Should have an hour of play
So if you'll come with me I'll show the way
Where all the playthings are
It's not so very far

Come along to toy town
Let me take you there
It's a wondrous joy town
Free from ev'ry care

Come join the curly heads
That glisten with gold
There's room for silver threads
No matter how old

When you see the playthings
You will dance and sing
Come and hear them say things
When you pull the string

'Twill take you back to the shack
Where you played upon the floor
Come to toy town
And be a kiddy once more

[2nd verse:]
If your hair is tinged with gray
A toy each day
Will keep the gray away
We really never grow too old to play
The land of harmless toys
Makes old folks girls and boys

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