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Fifteen - Payback Is Beautiful - текст песни

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Payback Is Beautiful

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Mama it's been seven long years since I came and talk to you

Mama you said don't worry son this whole world is here for you.

Mama you told me people who claim to own the Earth are fools.

Mama you told me its only human arrogance that claims to make all the rules

And surely there's only one law

What goes around comes around

Mama lately I've been thinking about how us people tend to think

That Nature is here, or nature is there or nature is one place but not everywhere

Mama I guess we're just too afraid to admit

That streets are violence,

Buildings are violence,

Our lives are violence.

And surely there is only one law

What goes around comes around

Hey mister Conquistador,

500 years, of pillage and plunder, it will crush you

Hey mister Missionary, 500 years, of kidnapping and brainwashing, it will destroy you

Hey mister Military, 500 years, of rape and murder, it will crush you.

Hey mister CEO, 500 years, of pillage and plunder it will destroy you.

What goes around comes around   

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