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Fifteen - Emancipa Proclima - текст песни

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Emancipa Proclima

  • текст

When I was only five years old

They said to do just what you're told

And maybe when you grow up

Maybe we'll let you make your own choices...but not now

They said nothing in life is free

And so there ain't no use in dreaming

Now tell me what you want to be

We'll give you choices 1 thru 915

I think I know what I want to be now mama

I'm gonna be the man who tears down slavery

I know it's not in the right set of choices

But I think it's the right thing for me

See I believe we're all created free people

And anything less than that just ain't the same

(Lynard Skynard Break)

Emancipation Proclamation

Now the black mans free to join the white mans slavery

Wages and terrorism are one in the same

Or are we afraid of what it is we really want to be

And the importance of our military industry is nothing

And the importance of our economy is nothing

And the importance of our self-deceptive convenience is nothing

And the importance of all our ists and isms are nothing

And it cares not for me, cares not for you

Cares for nothing but the selfish game

That tears us from one another

And it means nothing   

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