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Fifteen - Back - текст песни

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So the rent increase has got you down, and you can't afford to live in your own home town

Well I bet everybody's feeling the same way

Say you're feeling disconnected from the ground, private properties got you down

Private properties got you shut out of your own world

I was born here and I'm not going anywhere

I was grown here and I'm not going anywhere

This is my town, this is my ground, going to take it all back now

And give it away to everybody

Say your boss man had got you down, say her treats you like some kind of clown

Say he treats you like he owns your soul

Say the tax man has got you down, says he takes your money, leaves you sitting around

Spends your money on bombs to promote peace and democracy

I was born here . . .

This land is their land, this land ain't our land

It's based on greed and god and stealing people's land

It's intimidation conquest and mutilation

This land was stolen from you and me

This land is their land this land ain't our land

It was under the guardianship of the native american

Who knew we belonged to the earth the EARTH DID


We are merely guardians

The other night dear as I lay sleeping

I dreamt you held me in your arms

But when I broke you were being tortured

With concrete and cars and bombs   

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