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Страна: США
Даты: 08.01.1935 - 16.08.1977

Дискография [+]

Альбомы и синглы:

  • American Crown Jewels [альбом]
  • Super Hits [альбом]
  • True Studio Magic [альбом]
  • Elvis Presley [23.03.1956, альбом]
  • Elvis [19.10.1956, альбом]
  • Elvis’ Christmas Album [15.10.1957, альбом]
  • For LP Fans Only [06.02.1959, альбом]
  • A Date With Elvis [24.07.1959, альбом]
  • Elvis Is Back! [08.04.1960, альбом]
  • His Hand in Mine [10.11.1960, альбом]
  • Something for Everybody [17.06.1961, альбом]
  • Pot Luck [05.06.1962, альбом]
  • How Great Thou Art [1967, альбом]
  • From Elvis in Memphis [1969, альбом]
  • Back in Memphis [1970, альбом]
  • That's the Way It Is [12.1970, альбом]
  • Elvis Country: I'm 10,000 Years Old [02.01.1971, альбом]
  • Love Letters From Elvis [06.1971, альбом]
  • Elvis Sings the Wonderful World of Christmas [20.10.1971, альбом]
  • He Touched Me [1972, альбом]
  • Elvis Now [20.02.1972, альбом]
  • Elvis [1973, альбом]
  • Raised on Rock [01.11.1973, альбом]
  • Good Times [20.03.1974, альбом]
  • Promised Land [01.01.1975, альбом]
  • Today [07.05.1975, альбом]
  • From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee [1976, альбом]
  • Moody Blue [1977, альбом]
  • Rockin' With Elvis New Years' Eve [1977, альбом]
  • Behind Closed Doors [1979, альбом]
  • That's The Way It Is [03.1992, альбом]
  • Animal Instinct [1997, альбом]
  • Cut Me And I Bleed [1999, альбом]
  • Follow That Dream [2004, альбом]
  • Summer Festival [2005, альбом]
  • Rockin' Across Texas [2009, альбом]
  • Elvis Sings Country [2016, альбом]
  • Elvis Presley - 40 Years On [2017, альбом]
  • Off-On Stage [2018, альбом]


  • Rock 'N' Roll [1956, сборник]
  • The Best of Elvis [09.1957, сборник]
  • Elvis’ Golden Records [21.03.1958, сборник]
  • 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong: Elvis’ Gold Records, Volume 2 [13.11.1959, сборник]
  • Elvis’ Golden Records, Volume 3 [11.08.1963, сборник]
  • Elvis for Everyone [1965, сборник]
  • Elvis’ Gold Records, Volume 4 [02.1968, сборник]
  • Elvis Sings Flaming Star [03.1969, сборник]
  • 50 Worldwide Gold Hits, Volume 1 [1970, сборник]
  • Almost in Love [1970, сборник]
  • From Memphis to Vegas / From Vegas to Memphis [1970, сборник]
  • Please Don't Stop Loving Me [1970, сборник]
  • Let's Be Friends [04.1970, сборник]
  • C’mon Everybody [1971, сборник]
  • I Got Lucky [1971, сборник]
  • You'll Never Walk Alone [1971, сборник]
  • The Other Sides: Worldwide Gold Award Hits, Volume 2 [08.1971, сборник]
  • Sings Hits From His Movies [1972, сборник]
  • Burning Love and Hits From His Movies [11.1972, сборник]
  • A Portrait in Music [1973, сборник]
  • Good Rocking Tonight: Alternative & Unissued Versions [1973, сборник]
  • Rock 'N' On - 24 Legendary Hits [1973, сборник]
  • Separate Ways [01.1973, сборник]
  • A Legendary Performer, Volume 1 [02.01.1974, сборник]
  • 40 Greatest Hits [1975, сборник]
  • Elvis Forever [1975, сборник]
  • Pure Gold [1975, сборник]
  • Solid Rocks [1975, сборник]
  • Rock 'n' On, Volume 2 [06.01.1975, сборник]
  • A Legendary Performer, Volume 2 [1976, сборник]
  • Blue Christmas [1976, сборник]
  • Disque D'or / "Pure Gold [1976, сборник]
  • Les 40 Plus Grands Succes Originaux [1976, сборник]
  • The Sun Sessions [1976, сборник]
  • C’mon Everybody [1977, сборник]
  • Double Dynamite [1977, сборник]
  • Welcome to My World [03.1977, сборник]
  • From Elvis With Love [1978, сборник]
  • He Walks Beside Me: Favorite Songs of Faith and Inspiration [1978, сборник]
  • Our Memories of Elvis, Volume 2 [1979, сборник]
  • The King...Elvis [1979, сборник]
  • Country Classics [1980, сборник]
  • Guitar Man [1981, сборник]
  • The History of Rock, Volume 1: Elvis Presley [1981, сборник]
  • Elvis Elvis Elvis - 100 Greatest Hits [01.03.1981, сборник]
  • By Request [1982, сборник]
  • Historia de la música rock - 26 [1982, сборник]
  • Memories of Christmas [1982, сборник]
  • Elvis Forever: 32 Hits [1983, сборник]
  • Elvis Sings Inspirational Favorites [1983, сборник]
  • The Complete Bonus Songs [1983, сборник]
  • 32 Film-Hits Vol 1 [1984, сборник]
  • Elvis, Scotty and Bill: In the Beginning [1984, сборник]
  • Elvis’ Gold Records, Volume 5 [1984, сборник]
  • I Can Help [1984, сборник]
  • Merry Christmas [1984, сборник]
  • Rocker [1984, сборник]
  • The Collection, Volume 1 [1984, сборник]
  • The Collection, Volume Four [1984, сборник]
  • The Collection, Volume Three [1984, сборник]
  • The Collection, Volume Two [1984, сборник]
Название Материалы
"Jailhouse Rock" - Jailhouse Rock
( Now And Then There's ) a Fool Such as i
(Excerpt From) The Jaycees Speech
(It's A) Long Lonely Highway
(That's What You Get) For Lovin' Me
(There's) No Room To Rhumba In A Sports Car
(There's) No Room To Rumba In A Sports Car
(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care
(You're the) Devil in Disguise
[Blue Suede Shoes] (rock-n-roll)
500 Miles
A Big Hunk Of Love
A Boy Like Me, A Girl Like You
A Cane And A High Starched Collar
A Dog's Life
A Fool Such As I
A House That Has Everything
A Hundred Years From Now
A Little Bit Of Green
A little conversation
A Little Less Conversation (feat. Jxl)
A Little Less Conversation Remix
A Little Less Conversation из "11 друзей Оушена"
A Little Less Conversation, A little More action
A Little Less Less Conversation
A Mess Of Blues
A Thing Called Love
A Whistling Tune
A World Of Our Own
Adam And Eve
Adam And Evil
After Loving You
Aint Nuthin Bu A Hound Dawg
Aint That Loving You Baby
All I Needed Was The Rain
All Shock Up
All shoock up
All Shook Up
All Shook Up/Я Потрясен
All That I Am
All? En El "rancho Grande"
Allá En El "Rancho Grande"
Almost Always True
Almost In Love
Almost In Love " Почти Влюбился"
Aloha Oe
Always On My Mind
Always On My Mind "Я Не Могу Не Думать О Тебе"
Am i Ready
Amazing Grace
Amazing grace oh how sweet the sound
America The Beautiful
American Trilogy
An American Trilogy
An Evening Prayer
And I Love You So
And The Grass Won't Pay no Mind
Animal Instinct
Any Day Now
Anyone (could Fall In Love With You)
Anyplace Is Paradise
Anything Thats Part Of You
Anyway You Want Me
Are You Lonesome
Are You Lonesome Tonight
Are You Lonesome Tonight - Одинока ли ты сейчас
Are You Lonesome Tonight (Laughin)
Are You Lonesome Tonight? - Дорогуша, ты обманывал, когда говорил, что любишь меня. А у меня не было
Are You Sincere
As Long As I Have You
As we Travel Along The Jericho Road
Ask Me
Aubrey (Sung by Voice, Elvis recites the words)
Auld Lang Syne
Aura Lee
Baby I Dont Care
Baby Lets Play House
Baby What You Want Me To Do
Baby, if You'll Give me All of Your Love
Baby, If You'll Give Me All Your Love
Bad Nauheim Medley
Barefoot Ballad
Beach Boy Blues
Beach Boys Blues
Beach Shack
Because of Love
Beginner's Luck
Besame Mucho
Beyond The Bend
Beyond The Reef
Big Boots
Big Boss Man
Big Hunk O Love
Big Love, Big Heartache


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