Beyond Eleventh Hour

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"All mirrors lead to my palace 
My exotic pleasure temple 
Wherein my court is both gracious and insatiable 
Pure and obscene 
For where pumps the true heart of life 
There too seeps corruption 
And from this my new Eden of nightshades, black 
henbane, sphinxes, 
opium and roses weaned on tears and blood 
Will rise up like lust 
And the shadow of my dark consort shalt extend 
Himself across the face of the world... 

...And Hell will come with Him" 

Part of the garden, her dark Eden 
Fed blood by poisoned fronds 
My heart hardened in her wet season 
Treading mud in her slough of despond 
But only now 
A path lies straight before me 
The maze is ploughed half through with hate 
Andpher crop is dripping red 

Beyond eleventh hour 

Her beauty and brute power 
Grows stronger by the day 
And with each rose that she deflowers 
The longer her throes of madness stay 

In her grip on shredded sheets 
Once our fingertips had dug and clutched 
She whispered dreadful things to me 

She wanted war with God 
The underdog baring sharpened teeth 
With her armies raised from suffering 
To ascend on jet black wings 

She'd break off holy limbs 
On the racks of her witch hunt 
And crush the church beneath her heel 
The Pope in homage to her cunt 

A dark horse forcing nightmares 
To wring submissives dry 
A vampire madam batterfang 
With vicious streaks a mile wide 

Beyond eleventh hour 

Her kiss has turned dismissive 
Her glance holds slight contempt 
Instead those eyes burn on the prize 
Of fates she really likes to tempt 

In her grip on shredded sheets 
Gasping from conquered peaks of passion 
She whispered dreadful things to me 

She wanted war with God 
The underdog baring sharpened teeth 
With her armies raised from suffering 
To ascend on jet black wings 

She'd tear down mighty spires 
Then rear them up anew 
Orders forged to her desires 
The eleventh hour nearly through 

Lilith, the abyss, the slithering mists 
That cause all souls to stray 
How to resist those seductive gifts 
On the shore of her unholy ways? 

She calls my name so softly 
From deep banks of scented fog 
I almost lose myself before it starts 
But my spirit keeps its silence 
As I drift across the lake 
A glimpse of harem secrets 
Now her velvet curtain parts 

She is glaring like the moon 

The wind dies down. eavesdropping 
As I bow before her throne 
And she descends to greet me 
Like the royal bitch to which shes grown 

"Come closer, what have you to say? 
Black cat got your tongue? 

"I am not your slave 
Nor are you my saviour" 

"But Isaac, I'm the only one..." 

I hold those cold deceiving eyes 
Her once hypnotic gaze 
And pledge eternal love. then walk away 
Thunder seethes behind me 
Death adjusts her favourite mask 
Another lover smothered by her sanguinary darkness 

Clasped in the garden, here you heard 
This story blustered through 
I asked her pardon, swore my word 
I'd score her sweetmeats just like you 

For only now 
The truth lies prone before me 
I couldn't leave her even if she stormed 
The heavens as were promised 

Beyond eleventh hour 

Lilith, the abyss. the slithering mists 
Will come for you this eve 
Lustrous the cusp of her lingering tryst 
Before those fatal kisses bleed 

Beyond eleventh hour 

She will make of you a plaything 
Scant amusement for her bed 
And when naked flesh forgets to sing 
She'll take your fucking soul instead 

Midnight strikes, the candles sputter 
Muttering their reeking spells 
I snuff their tongues, my heart a-flutter 
These words I speak are gates to Hell

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