Dont Say You Love Me

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Dont Say You Love Me
[ Предположительная тональность: A ]

Subject: c/corrs/dont_say_you_love_me.crd
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 11:42:03 PDT

**Don't say you love me**
by the Corrs, from the album Talk on Corners.

Brought to you by Simon Forsman 

This beautiful song was kinda hard to figure out. It took me over an
hour. Some of the chords were kinda tricky, but not too tricky!
  I'll give you the tabs on all the chords.

A:      X02220
A7M :   X02120
A6:     X02222
Asus:   X02230
A/C#:   X4222x<- you can play that F# if you want to. I don't...
D:      XX0232
D7M :   XX0222
E:      022100
Esus:   022200
E/G#:   4X2100
E/A:    X02100
C#m7:   X46454
Bm7:    X24232
G7M :   3X0032
F#m7:   242222

Intro (twice): A  A7M    D7M   "

Verse 1:
A                A7M     D7M 
  I've seen this place a thousand times
     C#m7              F#m7
I've felt this all before
And every time you call
        A6  G7M      E          Bm7               E     Esus/F#   E/G#
I've waited there as though you might not call at all.

Verse 2:
A             A7M      D7M 
  I know this face I'm wearing now
     C#m7                F#m7
I've seen this in my eyes
    G7M                          "     A6 G7M 
And though it feels so great I'm still a--fraid
     E         Bm7        E      A
That you'll be leaving anytime

D                 A/C#             Bm7              A/C#
  We've done this once and the you closed the door
D                A/C#         Bm7     Esus
  Don't let me fall again for nothing more

E      Asus    A         Asus     A
Don't say you love me unless forever
      Asus        A          Asus             E/A
Don't tell me you need me if you're not gonna stay
      Bm7          A/C#         D      E
Don't give me this feeling I'll only believe it
D    A/C# Bm7     Esus    E
Make it   real or take it all away

A  A7M   D7M 

Verse 3:
A               A7M  D7M 
  I've cought myself smiling alone
     C#m7             F#m7
Just thinking of your voice
    G7M                   "   A6      G7M 
And dreaming of your touch is all too much
    E      Bm7            E
You know I don't have any choice

Chorus once again (different chords in the beginning):
A/C#  D       A
Don't say you love me... (the rest is the same)

Solo violin. Chords:

A  A7M   D7M   "  C#m7  F#m7  D7M   E


A/C#  D
        We've done this once... (the rest is the same)

Chorus twice.

A  A7M   D7M       "      A  A7M   D7M      Esus  E  A.....
           Take it all away...  Or take  it all     away...

There you have it!
Play, and cry if you need to...

If anyone have a request for chords on a certain song - mail me! I'll be
glad to help you out!

Corrs - Dont Say You Love Me - ноты

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